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Football & Homophobia

In December 2009 Welsh international rugby player Gareth Thomas took the brave decision to ‘come out’ to almost complete support from Rugby fans, fellow athletes and the media... read more

Masculiniy & Misandry

The media representation of patriarchy has long been highlighted and discussed in Sociology from the Feminist perspective in particular, but is this view now rather outdated? .. read more

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Talking to ourselves

Have you ever watched The Jeremy Kyle show?  I’m an OAP so I have an excuse but you probably have better things to do.  Anyway, I’m guessing that you might have seen the occasional more


They F**K you up

Primary socialisation is widely recognised by Sociologists and Psychologists as the fundamental platform for our future behaviours.  So, what impacts can this vital stage have on an individual? more


House Music - Youth culture, commercialisation and exploitation

In post-modern society, house or dance music is seen as much a part of commercial music as pop, R ‘n’ B, Indie and rock. However, the roots of house music are far more underground and sub-cultural than the music we now hear on our mainstream radio more


The LouAnne Effect - Positive labelling in the classroom

External factors have all been widely recognised as key factors in driving educational success, but how much influence can come from the internal classroom factors and in particular positive labelling from the teacher? more


Why are people afraid to say ‘I am proud to be English’?

After a recent government decision to decline a petition signed by nearly 14,000 people for St. George’s Day to become a National Bank Holiday, I question; what is happening to patriotism? more


Increasing female crime

Crime has always been considered to be a mainly male activity but evidence shows a recent sharp increase in female more


A Critique of 'The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism'

Weber’s classic study looked at the roots of capitalism and how he believed it arose from religion, in particular the Calvinist more



The Attraction of Cults & Sects

There are many suggestions as to why people join cults and sects alongside various sociological reasons behind the membership of these more



Gender and alcohol

Alcohol consumption is widely reported in today’s media, and suggests there is an epidemic of binge drinking within Britain. Recently, the media have started to point fingers at more



The socialisation process

The term Socialisation means the process by which we learn acceptable cultural beliefs and behaviour. There are a number of different stages in which each we all go through during our early life, which sociologists claim determines our behaviour and traits as individuals for the rest of our more


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Capitalism on a path to self-destruction?

London 1883 and the death of Karl Marx, few English newspapers reported on this event at the time and yet today, Marx is a hugely recognised figure, his contributions particularly in the realm of economics are extremely well more

The Functionalist view on Education

Functionalists believe that education provides unity and togetherness and has a positive impact on society. They also believe that education prepares people for the work environment in later life and teaches important more


The impact of New Media

The term ‘new media’ refers to the fundamental change in communication from mass communication to mass self-communication . New media’ offer the possibility of creating autonomous networks of communication which bypass the control by governments and corporations of the mass more


Chavs- The Demonisation of the Working Class

In his recent book, Chavs, Owen Jones argues that being able to make brutal, almost sub-racist remarks about working class people is the one acceptable form of discrimination left. His main argument is that as the gap between the rich and the poor has increased there has been a growth in negative stereotyping of the working class by politicians and the more


What is Crime?

According to the Sage Dictionary of Criminology, the ability to define crime is a difficult concept. It depends at what stage of time we are in and how we perceive things. The idea of crime also draws upon how individuals are linked with more


Covert participation & Crime

Covert participation is the method where the researcher will participate in activities that the observees are involved, the research will also be undercover without the sample having knowledge of  the more


Beck and Poshes

No discussion about health and perception of risk can take place without mention of the concept of risk society articulated by Beck (1989) who makes a clear case for the decline in government concern around policy and political more

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The Killing of Pain

This essay will look at the various ways in which his argument agrees with this statement. Pain is viewed in different ways amongst various cultures. By looking at the history of pain and the beliefs that are held about the complex notion of pain, we can look at the extent to which western medicine has detached pain from its personal more