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Crime and Deviance

Sociological approaches to the solutions of crime. Considers major sociological viewpoints towards the problem of crime.

Summary of the topic of Crime and Deviance looking at ideas from Functioanlism, Marxism, Interactionism and ideas on gender.

Marxist theories of crime and deviance. A detailed examination of Marxist and neo-Marxist ideas on crime.

Functionalism and crime. A detailed look at strain and subcultural theories on crime.

Right realist approaches to crime and deviance.

Left and right realist views to crime.

Summary of appraches. This video is ideal as a revision tool for students.

Interactionist ideas on crime. This video looks at labelling and defining deviance.

Gender and crime. Considers why crime rates are significantly higher for men than women.

Ethnicity and crime. Considers why some ethnic minority groups are more likely to be criminalised.

Official statistics and crime. Looks at the role and construction of crime statistics.

Media representations of crime. Looks at moral panics and the media construction of criminality.

Wilson & Kelling - An outline and explanation of the 'Broken windows' theory

Stan Cohen explains the moral panic surrounding Mods and Rockers

The Dark figure of crime - Discussing the inaccuracy of official crime statistics

Looking at the structure of organised crime (Part one - parts 2&3 can also be found on youtube

Durkheim's ideas on Crime & Deviance

Globalisation networks and crime

Globalisation and Crime (Green Crime)

More Globalisation and Crime with green crime examples

An analysis of Merton's strain theory

A clip of the recent London looting and rioting