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Culture, Society and Identity

Introduction to Sociology video. Good to use for new students or as a starter for a new Sociology course.

Black culture video. This looks at the media and society stereotypes often associated with black culture.

10 introductory terms for you to use in Sociology. An ideal starting point for beginners.

What does it mean to be British? 5 common misconceptions.

Introduction to Cultural differences. Uses the excellent HSBC adverts about different customs and norms.

Feral children - This video shows some footage of Genie Wiley plus some details of the case.

Fantastic footage of a Papau New Guinea tribe meeting a white man for the first time.

Footage of an 'untouched' Amazonian tribe caught on camera for the first time.

Feral children (National geographic) Part 1

Feral children (National geographic) Part 2

Grumpy guide to Social Class part 1

Grumpy guide to Social Class part 2

Bernstein's elaborated and restricted code language theory.

An introductory video for those of you studying Sociology for the first time.

The great British class survey

Racism in football documentary

An introduction to Sociology

Great video for looking at cultural differences