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The history of the education system. Some background of key laws and reforms.

An introduction to the set up and different levels of the UK education system.

Gender and educational attainment. Outline of factors that have contributed to a gender switch in educational success.

Legislation & Politics. This video looks at some of the reaction to government plans to scrap the Educational Maintenance Allowance.

Good introduction to the power and impact of education on a global scale.

Interactionism. The labelling theory and self fulfilling prophecy in education.

Short documentary about a Steiner school (part 1).

Short documentary about a Steiner school (part 2)

Podcast discussion of left/liberal ideas on the education system.

Short introduction to some policies introduced in education by New Labour.

Black boys in school - considers reasons for under-performance.

White working class under-performance. Considers why this trend continues throughout education.

Videocast on the topic of Social class and educational attainment.

Bernstein's language codes. How could the use of such language impact education?

Reaction to the decision to raise university tuition fees.

Student riots in reaction to raising of tuition fees.

Paul Willis - Learning to Labour study outline

Pro & anti-school subcultures

Why Subcultures form and exist within education.

Some examples of Subcultures within education.

A humourous role play on cultural and material deprivation

A nice little revision song for you to remember your sociologists and key terms

Looking at Social class issues in relation to the education system

An outline of education with methods in relation to subcultures

Is feminised education failing boys Part 1

Is feminised education failing boys Part 2

Education revision video

Functionalist views on education

Unequal opportunities- looking at social class and education (BBC)

Unequal opportunities- looking at an inspiring comprehensive school in a poor area

The main theories for the education topic

Teaching with Bayley- underachieving boys

Looking at an 'Assess' question on whether working class underachievement is the result of home issues

Looking at an 'Examine' question on whether education policies since 1988 have improved education