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Families and Households

Social construction of childhood. The video shows how society adapts and changes views on childhood.

Video from 1958 about unwed mothers. Ideal for looking at the role of the mother.

Demographic change of the family. This video considers the impact of population growth and migration.

Social change and the family. Looking at changes from pre-industrial to the post-modern era.

Sky news article on the increasing divorce rate during recession time.

Family diversity. This video looks at the changing shape of the family away from the traditional nuclear.

Darker side of the family. Looking at issues surrounding domestic violence.

A video on domestic violence and its effects on women and children

A video podcast on LATS (Living apart together) relationships

Parson's 'Fit thesis' and industrialisation presented in a new way!

The One Show looks at domestic violence from the view of the male partner

'Child-centredness' - Looking at the importance of the family in British family life

The Social construction of childhood

Feminist views on the family (Radical, Marxist etc)