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Religion and Beliefs

Ricky Gervais dismantles the book of Noah - Ideal for secularisation or reason (Enlightenment)

Religion as a conservative force or force of social change. Ideal as a summary of this common exam question.

Religious ideologies. Looks at how political view can impact and influence belief systems.

Sociology of science. This video considers the 'social construction' of beliefs.

Stephen Fry speaks out against the catholic church Part One (ideal for secularisation).

Stephen Fry speaks out against the catholic church Part Two (ideal for secularisation).

Karl Pilkington disects the Bible

CBC News interview with Richard Dawkins - The author of 'The God Delusion'

Science Vs Religion - An ideal video to use as a starting point for debate

Ricky Gervais otalks to Richard Dawkins

Sociology of religion - A discussion on the relationship of modernity and religion

Yogic flying - an interesting little video to get the students thinking about spirituality

Stewart Lee - Deconstructs 'All things Bright & Beautiful'

Introduction to the Jonestown massacre

Gender & Religion - Looking at examples of misoogyny in The Bible

Explanations and ideas on the rise of fundamentalism in recent times

Muslim women and life in the UK

Muslim women in UK mosques

The Secrets of Scientology documentary

The top best known 10 Cults (NRMs)