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Sociological Theory

Introduction to Functionalism. Ideal to use as a starter for introducing the theory of consensus.

Introduction to Marxism. Ideal to use as a starting point for introducing ideas on capitalism and conflict.


Introduction to Interactionism. Explains the process of labelling and self fulfilling prophecy.

Introduction to Feminism. Identifies the impact and success of the suffragette movement.

Introduction to Post-modernism. Useful as a basic outline of the post modern world (Click on pic to link to video)

Introduction to Marx. First part of the Mark Steel lectures from the BBC.

Explanation of 'Macro' (Positivist Sociology)

Explanation of 'Micro' (Interpretivist Sociology)

Quick guide to Functionalism

Quick guide to Social Action theory

Quick guide to Post-modernism

Introduction to Marxism

The difference between liberal and radical Feminism

Looking at the three waves of Feminism