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On this page you can view a range of short video clips on various modules for Sociology. Simply highlight the module from the dropdown list (or below) you are teaching/studying and take a browse. The videos can be viewed on this site or you can click on the 'youtube' icon on the bottom right of the video where you can then play the video in full size on the 'youtube' site.

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Ready to download now on i-phone and i-pad. Socio-Zone is a quiz based revision app for those studying Sociology at any level. Work your way up to the 'Super-Elite' status in six different sociological quizzes with a total of 600 different questions. Practice wherever and whenever; your progress within each topic is automatically saved to make sure that you can always continue where you left off and get the best user experience. Socio-Zone is suitable for beginners all the way through to those with academic expertise as the difficulty gradually increases. Get quizzing now!

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